Friday, March 30, 2012


Ovarian Factors, Including Age.

Rapid And Controversial Progress Is Being Made In Ivf For The Treatment Of Older Women. Age Is Still One Of The Biggest Factors In Determining Its Success And Most Treatment Centers, Especially Those In The National Health Service, Have Strict Age Limits For The Women Whom They Will Accept. However, Two Developments Are Changing This. One Is Egg Donations The Other Involves Experimental And Extensive Hormonal Therpy For Older Women. Some Women Who Have Has A Premature Menopause, Have Successfully Trated Using Donated Eggs, And Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Have Also Had Children After Ivf.
With The Rapid Strides In Medical Science, It Is Likely That In Years To Come More Fertility Problems Can Be Resolved Through Ivf. Factors Which Now Appear To Exclude Couples From Treatment Will Be Irrelevant. The Issue Then Will Not Be Whether The Couple Can Be Treated, But Whether Once Everything Is Taken Into Account It Is The Right Course Of Action For Them. It Can Be Hard For A Childless Couple To Turn Down The Opportunity To Have A Baby Of Their Own And They Can Be Very Vulnerable To Offers Of Help. What They Need Is To Weigh Up The Financial, Physical And Emotional Costs Of Treatment Against The Likely Success Rates.
The Doctors Show You All The Statistics, Which Show That By Not You Should Have Had A Couple Of Children. I Do Not Want To Look At Statistics Any More. I Remember One Saying, If You Have Ten Treatments You Will Be Skint But You Will Have A Baby. Another Said That There Were Two Things They Were Aiming For. One Was For Me To Have A Baby, The Second Was For Me To Come Out Sane.